About Us

PeerToPeerLendingUK.com has been launched in early 2015, and is addressed at guidance of people about this (what we feel is a) wonderful unique opportunity to lend money and invest without using banks.

We are  gearing at both businesses and individuals, that either need to borrow money, or want to invest it in an alternative new investing scheme that has been proving itself for the past 10 years or so in the UK.

We are not financial adviser, nor advisors, who will give you specific investment advice.

We are affiliated with some of the companies featured with this site, and get our compensation in some ways. It doesn’t say we aren’t recommend the best companies in our opinion, it just means that this is our way of making money as an information website.


We will continue update about trends and happenings in this interesting, growing industry, and try to provide the best possible read to all our viewers. We will soon connect into social media and will be glad to address specific questions, as long, of course, it’s not direct financial advice.


Thank you, and enjoy your read!

The PeerToPeerLendingUK.com Staff